What to Expect at Your First Office Visit

Please arrive early for your appointment to give yourself and our staff plenty of time to complete the check-in and rooming processes prior to your appointment start time. This clinic strives to run on time, but this requires everyone’s help in arriving early to their appointments! You will need to bring your insurance card and copay at time of service, as well. Please also make sure that any relevant notes, imaging results, and labs have been received by the clinic prior to the day of your appointment. You can expect Dr. Cunningham to review your relevant medical information and labs prior to your visit and to do a relevant history and exam during your visit. Dr. Cunningham will explain what diagnoses she is considering and what evaluation process to expect. For most patients, you can expect additional testing with labs and/or imaging after the visit to continue diagnostic evaluation. Dr. Cunningham will always explain what tests are being done and why. If a rheumatologic disorder is suspected, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled soon after the initial consultation to go over test results, diagnosis, and treatment options together.